Truth About God's Word

Our Bible can be one confusing book to read. In one area, we read of Jesus’s unwavering love and commitment to us and just a couple books back, we read about the Father’s anger toward the Israelite people where it appears that He turns his back on them. So, how do we combine those two drastic themes into clarity? What are we missing? How does our translation skew our perception?

Most of the problems that people run into when reading through scripture, is not understanding how to interpret it. Although I’m not a biblical scholar by any means, I have been taught how to interpret in a way that’s relatively easy to learn and apply. 

Before Opening Your Bible

Here’s the thing I believe is the downfall to most Bible reading. People… just… start… reading. And that works for the most part. Until you run into something that doesn’t make sense… or seems to contradict something else you read… or makes you question everything you thought you knew about our Creator. 

Here’s a couple of things that will set you up to be more interpretative of the text, rather than just taking it at face-value.

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What is the Author’s Intended Meaning?

What’s the Context?

Is it literal or figurative?

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