Hello! I'm Meg!

a.k.a. Farm Girl

Here’s to vitual hugs and high-fives!  I am a writer and Bible Geek as well as a Momma to  our THREE(!) wonderfully, energetic boys and our adopted princess (I mean… daughter).


I married my best friend, Michael who happened to be a City Boy and together, we were led by God to plant a church in Fayetteville, Arkansas. Through the church-plant process, I began digging into God’s Word more deeply. I am a graduate of Ozark Christian College with a degree in Bible and now I’m pursuing my Master’s of Arts in Biblical and Theological Studies with an emphasis in the Hebrew Bible.


As I began teaching those who walked through the doors of our church and our home, I realized how much was lost in our English translations. I’m seeking to help uncover what’s behind our translations, as well as bring an understanding to what those ancient texts say about our lives today.

Our life is crazy and it never stops.

I used to long for peace, quiet, and a simpler farmer’s life… but then I am jolted back to reality with the scream of one of my precious boys in the next room.  Last summer, after we realized that our foster daughter was finally going to be a permanent fixture in our lives, SO we freaked out, sold our house and bought a house in the country… our dream home. (Well… really my dream home.) It is slowly growing on my city-boy husband. Our sons and daughter cannot wait to go outside and explore the 12 acres that we share with my extended family. Life is good. But I still have struggles.

Today my daily struggles are: keeping up with the laundry (wait- did I say keeping up?  I meant to say “attempting to keep up” and yet never getting there!) Two, keeping the sanity in our home, and three, most importantly, growing in my walk with Christ.  (He is definitely my Hero!)  Without Him, I would be nothing.  Literally.  Probably just a sad shape of a person scraping by.


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Why I Became a Bible Geek


As mentioned previous, I attended Ozark Christian College right after high school (class of 2000!!). While there, I focused on my psychology classes and missed a huge part of who I am. Fast-forward 20 years… and I prayed one evening for God to fill with me hunger for His Word and an unquenchable desire to uncover what lay there. All of a sudden, it’s like I couldn’t help myself from digging further and further into His Word- to the point that I’m attending Western Seminary in the fall of 2020. I think the Hebrew Bible is a part of Scripture that we tend to skim over… or don’t understand… or try to justify. What we don’t realize is that we miss the first part of the story of Jesus and the Creator when we do that. 

Recent Blog Articles

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Eat, Sleep and Breathe

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