Although planting is difficult, and sometimes crazy, there are joys that come from growing a new church.

1)People Take Ownership

Something amazing happens when people in your new church see gaps.  And by gaps, I mean areas that need help.  Soon, they’re asking you, “Where can I help?” or they just roll their sleeves up and jump in.

2) It Morphs Into a Family

When you see the beginning stages of a family form, in the name of Christ, you will witness something amazing.  You will almost be able to sit back and watch as people begin to connect and form relationships.  They will soon begin to own the relationships, taking time to check in with each other, providing for each other’s needs, reaching out and asking questions in order to help… basically acting the way a true family should.

3) New Believers

This is the most exciting part of church planting: bringing new believers to Christ who beforehand would never have stepped inside a church.  Church plants are able to reach more people for Christ than stagnant, established churches.  Why is this?  Maybe it’s because most church plants don’t have established cliques or rules that have been in place for hundreds of years (Why can’t kids run through the sanctuary??).  When you share the Gospel with a new believer, something amazing happens and an instant family bond is formed.  It is worthy of a celebration!

What other joys do you find in church planting?  Comment below.