My husband and I have known in our hearts for 9 years that God is leading us to adopt.  We knew even though God had and would bless us with biological children, that He was telling us to leave a spot in our lives for another child.  A child not born into our family… but one that would complete our family.

The years have passed, and God has blessed us with 3 wonderful boys.  And yet, there is still that ache in my heart that knows our family is not complete.  At times, I begin to panic, thinking that we aren’t moving fast enough… but it is during those times, God whispers to me, “Not yet… just wait…”  I have to suck in my breath, close my eyes, and just be still.  It is hard… but I know that one day He will begin to speak… or shout… that it is TIME!

Michael and I will then frantically begin clearing out that spare bedroom and pulling down the spare bed out of the attic.  We will be ready when our adopted child walks (or is carried) through the door.  Our boys will be ready too.  We have raised them knowing that one day we would add to our family.  They look forward to it!  Our oldest still asks for a sister.  We do not know what child God will send to us… but we know that we already love them.

How can that be?  We do not know who they are, what personality they will have, whether or not they will like soccer… but we have a God who has adopted us… and loved us so much that He sent His only Son to die in our place!  And with a God like that, love should never be a problem.  Sure, it will be hard… but when we follow God into something, He is already there waiting for us.

We have several panels of hooks in our home; hooks that hold backpacks, hooks that hold coats and hooks that hold towels.  For some reason, when you buy a panel of hooks, they come in four hooks to a panel.  The other day, my OCD self was walking past the hooks, irritated that my husband had designated 3 out of the 4 hooks to our boys.  One was left over.

“Who’s supposed to take the last hook, Michael?  You?  Or me?”  I harrumphed.

He smiled, his sweet, endearing crooked smile and said, “Our next child, Meg.”

(He’s such a planner… LOVE HIM.)