I rarely have chances to read these days, so when I do, I am choosy.  After reading Michael Cheshire’s first book, “How to Knock Over a 7-Eleven and Other Ministry Training,” I thought– this guy is hilarious and so blunt.  And I loved it.

When I saw that he had written another book, I bought the e-version and decided to open it up one night after an exhausting ministry day.

Why we eat our own

I was floored.  This man was writing down everything that I’d been thinking of the “Church”… I mean, everything.  Here’s a quote:

For far too long, while we have been waging a war within our own foxholes, the real enemy has had the run of the place. He has been unchallenged because Christ’s army is too wounded from friendly fire to even crawl to the battlefield for the real fight. And an enemy who is unopposed is no longer your enemy. He has actually become your ruler.

Cheshire, Michael (2013-06-19). Why We Eat Our Own (Kindle Locations 293-296). First Punch Press. Kindle Edition.

You need to read this.  It’s good.  And it hit me square between the eyes.


Here’s a link to buy yourself a copy.  Enjoy!

Why We Eat Our Own