Welcome to the Farm!

I’m a girl who grew up on the farm, met a city boy at bible college, fell in love and got married. I had moments of doubt in who my God was… and so I dug my heels in and started to really research and struggle through the text… this is my continuous journey. Join me as we experience the depth of what we find beneath the translation and discover who our God and our Savior is.

Beneath the Translation

Over the years, my desire to understand the words written in the Bible have enveloped me. I now geek out to trying to learn and understand as much as possible about the message the Bible was written to portray. And the main message? It’s all about Jesus and his Father who sent him to die in our place. Within that knowledge, I realize that if I’m going to believe what is hidden beneath the translation of the Bible, I must follow after Jesus in regards to my life and how I love. ¬†Click on an image below to view articles on Truth in Scripture, Truth about Life, and Truth about Love.¬†